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80 ~ 120cm Dollmore Fix Waist Doll Stand (All - Black)
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This doll stand is more strong than the original large doll stand.

It will fix doll waist very safely to protect doll better.


It is able to change high of the doll stand,

so you are able stand doll from 80 cm high lusion doll dahlia to 110 cm high trinity doll elysia doll.

It will be a good news for ooak doll artist. 

We also add silicone coating on the screw of the waist holder to avoid falling down.


Base of this doll stand's diameter is about 29cm, so it is very safe

to stand a big size doll. 


Weight of this doll stand is about 2.34 kg.

Therefore, you are able to stand doll about 4~8kg on this doll stand.



We also add rubber coating on this doll stand to avoid damage on the doll clothes

when you use this doll stand.


You are also able to change waist size of this doll stand,

so it is able to use various size dolls.


This doll stand is made in Korea.

You are able to stand dollmore lusion doll dahlia(80cm hight), trinity doll(105cm high)

on this doll stand.




Dahlia doll stand size specifics


* Diameter of the base: 29cm 


* Width of the waist holder : 13cm (Silicone coating on the steel and is able to change width of the waist holder.)


* Thick of the waist holder: 2cm 


* Weight of the doll stand:  2.3kg 


* High of the waist: 46cm at least, 80cm at max

Stand Waist Bar Length at max : 80cm 

Stand Waist Bar Length at min : 46cm 


* Notice: Dahlia(80cm) ~120cm doll are able to use this doll stand.



* Model 1: Dollmore Lusion doll Dahlia ( Tall:80cm)

* Model 2:  Trinity Doll - Persona Pathos ; Elysia - LE10 (Tall: 105cm) 



* Notice: We upgrade coating of the waist to make it hard to remove and fix doll waist strong enough.



*** Any problems to the dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet. *****

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